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ALBATRON PX875P Serie Driver

In the mid-price range are boards from Albatron, Biostar, Epox, Intel and Asus and Gigabyte share pole position, with the Photon series from. Albatron's PX Pro Motherboard Power, Performance, and Good Looks By: Jeff Bouton February 5, Since the advent of Intel's i and. Albatron. KT-8X Series BIOS vc; K8SLI BIOS v; K8Ultra-U Series PXP Series Rev BIOS v; PXSLI/PXP-2V BIOS v


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ALBATRON PX875P Serie Driver

This heating problem will certainly affect overclocking capabilities no doubt, especially with Albatron pressing ALBATRON PX875P Serie fact that upping the Northbridge voltage can help overclocking. I still prefer to see this located farther up the PCB for airflow purposes, though with the slim size of the cable this implementation works nicely as well.

Albatron PX875P User Manual

The four-pin fan power connection comes in next, followed by the three-pin power connection for ALBATRON PX875P Serie rear exhaust fan. This three-pin connection is located along the top edge of the x16 PCI-Express slot, whereas the four-pin connector is closer to the processor socket.


At the bottom of the board, we also find ALBATRON PX875P Serie regular PCI slots. This is generally going to be the typical setup found on most of these iX and iP motherboards for some time to come. The majority of the components in this area of the PCB are, as always, located along the rear edge of the motherboard.

The ALC offers full 7. Interestingly enough, we find no auxiliary four-pin audio connections, or a front panel audio ALBATRON PX875P Serie located near the CODEC. First off, we find the same Marvell Gigabit Ethernet chip.


Located right below the Marvell chip, we next come across the second ALBATRON PX875P Serie controller chip, this time manufactured by VIA. The area around both of these chips is clean, each having its own 25MHz clock crystal.

The system BIOS chip is ALBATRON PX875P Serie in the bottom left hand corner of the board, and is soldered directly to the motherboard itself. Albatron has heard our cry and moved all ALBATRON PX875P Serie the primary and secondary audio headers to the bottom portion of the motherboard. The Southbridge portion of the motherboard is a little on the cluttered side, though due to the lack of any additive components for the PXG Pro, this area is far cleaner than some of the boards we have dealt with thus far.


To start things off, the first things that will jump out at you are the yellow IDE connectors. There is also an IrDA header, ALBATRON PX875P Serie well a as a three-pin power connection for a front system intake fan.

To the left of the heatsink, we find both of the yellow USB 2. Finally, we come across the DIMM slots.

All that need to be done is mount the 12V ATX connector so the bottom four pins are left unconnected. Virtually every item that we look for as far as determining design quality goes, Albatron has successfully implemented into the PXG Pro. This greatly helps airflow into the case, and over the graphics card, RAM, and processor. ALBATRON PX875P Serie

Albatron PXP Pro on Intel P

This BIOS setup is also common on Intel brand motherboards, which are, of course, geared more towards the mid-range consumer than an enthusiast. Upon entering this menu, we find a wide array of settings as well as four submenus available. The top setting selections are ALBATRON PX875P Serie of this portion of the BIOS, as they control both boot order and boot priority for the given ALBATRON PX875P Serie.

The Advanced Chipset Features submenu houses all of the important memory timing options. While Albatron allows for the standard memory timings to be manually adjusted, there are no other tweaking options available that would make the PXG Pro a standout for tweaking options. This portion of the BIOS will certainly be home to the overclocker and performance enthusiast.

Towards the bottom, we see the options to adjust the FSB and Multiplier, though virtually ALBATRON PX875P Serie of you out there besides those that manage to get hold ALBATRON PX875P Serie an unlocked chip will not be able to use this Multiplier option. Located in the block below these items relating to frequency settings, we find all of the voltage adjustments that Albatron has made available. Albatron offers a solid range of preset speeds for each of the busses.

Next up, we have the Peripherals menu.

This CPU runs at an incredible 3. This high-end processor will be especially useful for game players and power users with advanced graphical or computational applications. Albatron continues to show its ingenuity for producing expandable, adaptable mainboards with extended product life cycles.

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Abit offers better hardware specifications and is well set up for tuning, while DFI definitely has gamers ALBATRON PX875P Serie mind and has configured its accessory bundle accordingly. Certain aspects of the Abit and DFI boards also justify inclusion in the upper class, depending on your personal preferences. Supermicro and Tyan will appeal more to the workstation user.

Both of these boards are a special case, since they would not ALBATRON PX875P Serie be used in a normal desktop PC. Our recommendations go to the Biostar, AOpen and Asus boards.

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