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Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Intel Management Engine Interface Driver

I have the latest VIII Hero Bios and want to install the drivers only for Intel Management Engine (not the services etc) Just wondering  Missing: Formula/ ‎ThunderFX. Below I have mentioned the review of ASUS Maximus V Formula, The novelty is based on top-end chipset for the LGA platform – Intel Z77, and allows subsystem uses a digital control scheme Extreme Engine Digi + II, depending on the load, as well as manage your VRM during the fine tuning. MAXIMUS V FORMULA/ THUNDERFX - NO 8. .. I needed to downgrade the Intel Management Engine Interface to the Windows.


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Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Intel Management Engine Interface Driver

You are locked in with both fitting design and size with the Formula V. By now you have to be curious about the rest of the cooling on the Formula V right?

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Well down below the CPU we have a small black heatsink that also doubles as the motherboards billboard with a light up Republic of Gamers logo on it. Down next to the PCIe slots we have the chipset cooling as well. This one matches the Fusion Thermo heatsink perfectly with its angled vents and rough black finish.

This Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Intel Management Engine Interface also where you will find the Asus logo. They kept the height down on this one for clearance with long video cards.

There is just so much to show you guys that we just put everything together in two videos and show you what you would see by flipping through the UEFI and the software. The first page you have is the Extreme Tweaker page where you will spend most of your time when overclocking and configuring both your CPU and memory. Being a UEFI Asus was able to include mouse support, my video mostly uses the keyboard but you have the option to use mouse or keyboard.

Back on the Extreme Tweaker tab as we flip down we have clock speed and voltage options out the wazoo. To help with it all, when you select an option they also give you a small tidbit of information on it on the right side of the screen whenever possible.

Asus Pare Motherboards

Each has a wide selection of options to let you tune things to your liking. This is where you will find things like the ability to turn on your RAID or to configure how you want your USB ports to act or you can even go down to the port and turn off specific USB ports. I would highly recommend flipping through it all to get your build perfectly configured for yourself. Next you have the Monitor page where we can check and watch all of our fan speeds and temperatures.

Once you are finished setting everything up, under the exit option there is one last option that you Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Intel Management Engine Interface take a look at.


The ASUS EZ Mode will take you to a more graphical interface that shows you the time and your basic configuration including temperatures and voltage settings. Just having everything you need all in one program is important and this makes running the software less of a hassle and more of a useful tool that you would actually put to use.

With this being a ROG board the software starts up with that red and grey theming as well as the ROG logo up in the corner. You will notice that it says it is powered by the TPU up top, this is a small chip on the motherboard that helps with overclocking and underclocking for better power usage.


I will talk more about the overclocking in our overclocking section though. Asus has been a leader in moving power control from analog to digital over the past few years on their entire product lineup. There are options for overclocking and just as importantly there are wattage limitation Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Intel Management Engine Interface that let you cap your power usage to keep your environmental footprint low.

I love that on the right side of the page they have information that adjusts along with the settings that you set your power control to show you what you are doing.

Next we have the EPU page. Here we have more power saving options like various options on turning the vCore voltage down as well as when to turn off hard drives and the monitor. The money saved might help me put a little extra back for my next build or for a new game.

Asus Maximus V Formula - LanOC Reviews

Here you can change the fan speed ramp up depending on temperatures individually. There is also an Auto Tuning option that will optimize your configuration based on the fans you have and how many you have. Here you can check every single voltage, fan speed, and temperature on the Formula V.

Using the Sensor Recorder you can also record any of those sensors over time and see how your pc reacts when gaming or benchmarking. This will come in handy in the future with troubleshooting as well. It puts together a nice easy to read graph where you will be able to see something overheating or where you might need to ramp up a fan or two. The rest of the Asus Suite are things like the Ai Charger option that lets you push more charging power to your mobile devices.

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