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MSI 870A-G54 ATI HDMI Audio Driver

MSI. MBA-G54 information and overview. This product is no longer sold by our MSI AMD +SB Chipset - Socket AM3 @ FSBMHz - USB 3, SATA3, APS,AUTO OC GENIE, USB Safeguard, M-Flash, Lossless Audio, . HDMI, N/A M5A78L-M LE/usb3 AMD G ATi sb chipset AM3 / AM3+ motherboard. 2) MSI A-G54 ATI/AMD /series chipsets are well-supported in the Linux kernel. Some things to look at are the audio chipset (VIA is one to . I'll take the plunge and tack on a $5 HDMI -> DVI converter. MSI: A-G54 , Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI], SBx00 PCI to PCI 10de0e0c, NVIDIA Corporation, GF HDMI Audio Controller.


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MSI 870A-G54 ATI HDMI Audio Driver

[ubuntu] First PC Build - Motherboard Compatibility [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums

This is the desktop computer I'll be taking with me to college within the next week and a half, so I'd really like to get everything working as soon as possible I just install the kernel 2. Then I switched from "Analog stereo duplex" to "analog stereo output" and now it works I saw the volume meter move with sound output in KDE apps, but nothing I tried would produce MSI 870A-G54 ATI HDMI Audio output.

The Fintek FED sensor chip on that board is not supported yet.


This is one of the ones I narrowed it down to after following your earlier link. I searched through the Newegg reviews under "Linux" and "Ubuntu" and it appears to have a good success rate. This is shaping up to be the one I go with I have just recently discovered the "lm-sensors" package and would definitely like to have a compatible chip.

I have written scripts to monitor the temperatures of each CPU core. Post back results after running the board for a bit.

Thanks, I definitely will. Other than digging through hundreds of Newegg reviews, it was hard to find much information. But this thread has been most helpful.

I see that the Audio and LAN chipsets for the board and board are the same. The major difference I see between the two is that the board has onboard video. I can't seem to find where you're pulling the information for the sensor chip on each board.


The faded rear input images are shown below I tried running a virtual version of XP, as well as a separate installation of Windows Vista, 32 bit. I could not get any sound from the speakers in any configuration.

I have also tried installing the drivers from the link on these forums, as an alternate, but they did not resolve the issue. MSI 870A-G54 ATI HDMI Audio do not know which motherboard, sound card, graphic card, hard disk, operating system windows xp or 7 to get. Most important for me is the speed of the computer,I hate the lag when I switch pages or application during multitasking. Also want to get a nice looking and good ventilating casing like those space looking transparant type with led lightings, please advice any nice casing model.

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