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BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor Driver

Buy BenQ XL Series XLT Black-Red 24" 5ms (2ms GTG) HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight Height & Pivot Adjustable Hz 3D-Ready LCD Monitor I recently purchased a BenQ monitor and have been trying to connect it to my notebook with an HDMI cable. But I keep getting a message "No Cable Connected". BenQ XLT - 3D LED monitor - Full HD (p) - 24" overview and full product Digital Visual Interface (DVI), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).


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BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor Driver

Click for larger version At the back of the screen are a decent range of connections.

Hz BenQ XLT Monitor Question

On the left hand edge when viewed BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor behind there is a connection for the power lead. The screen has an integrated power supply as well so no need for any additional power bricks here.


This allows BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor to connect it to the back of the screen via USB and easily and quickly switch between various configurable preset modes. This saves you having to navigate the OSD menu to switch between them.

BenQ I am not getting any sound from my monit

This is designed to sit on the edge of the stand as shown above and fits nicely in to place in the slight indent in the side of the screen. It is also BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor to hold it in place. Click for larger version The screen is also packages with a black, heavy duty plastic cover as shown above.

This is to help protect your screen during transport and storage and is a nice extra touch. The XLT is not only designed with durability, sturdiness and functionality in mind, the stylish BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor also earned BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor two design awards: The task of conceptualizing the XLT involved a unique collaboration with prominent pro gamers: These five names alone are synonymous when it comes to legendary Counter-Strike players.

Their accumulated wealth of knowledge and skills helped BenQ develop a monitor that adapts to the needs of gamers to improve their chances of winning. Click for larger versions The OSD is a very fancy system actually and is quite impressive when you start to use it.

There are no actual buttons on the screen but instead a series of touch and proximity sensitive sections are located above the power BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. In fact the power LED itself is a touch-sensitive button as opposed to a clickable button which adds to the sleek feel of the display. This power LED glows a very light, subtle blue during normal operation, and glows red when in standby.

With a press of any of the buttons there is a satisfying beep noise it can be turned off if you want and up pops the quick select menu as shown below. This touch-sensitive button operation is like that featured on the Dell U in fact, although it does feel a little BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor responsive and more sleek here I think.

BenQ XL2420T - 3D LED monitor - Full HD (1080p) - 24"

Pressing any of the touch-sensitive buttons brings up the above quick access menu. You can access the main menu here at the bottom, but there are also 3 quick launch buttons.


By default these are set to give you quick access to the picture mode menu a BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor of preset modesthe display mode settings various aspect ratio control options and BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor scaling options which remember various aspect and scaling options. You can define these quick access keys via the main menu as well if you like to set them to other functions. When selecting any of these sections the small section on the right provides you arrows and guidance to tell you what each of the touch-sensitive buttons will now do when pressed.


This works well and seems to be logically laid out. One thing I would note is that the switch between different preset modes is a little cumbersome and slow.

It takes a second or so to switch between each mode, and you have to scroll up and down through the list one by one. There doesn't appear to be any way to highlight a selection and then press to make it active, and instead BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor must scroll through each preset in turn. Switching between standard mode at the BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor and RTS mode near the bottom for instance takes a bit of time and is a bit annoying. It is the same if you access the preset mode menu via the main OSD menu as well.

BenQ XLT Review - TFTCentral

Pressing the 'menu' button then takes you in to the main OSD itself. The interface is pretty intuitive and easy to BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor. It is split into 4 columns as shown above. On the left the menu is highlighting the current section you are looking at, with the options available BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor that section then listed in the second column.

Well, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding sound and built in speakers on any display: To do that, go down to the lower right of your screen in the Windows task bar where your speaker icon and the clock is. From there, find your BenQ monitor, right click on it and select "Set as Default.

If you are not getting any audio, make sure that the monitor's audio settings are set correctly, i. Our XL line of monitors generally do not have any built in speakers in lieu of it being a high performance PC screen, BenQ XL2420T HDMI Monitor it does not mean that you cannot plug external speakers or a headset into it and still get audio that way, although I prefer getting my audio directly from the PC.

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