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Clevo W110ER Synaptics Pointing Driver

Hey folks, I have a Clevo WER that I purchased used a while back, The tl;dr is that I want to replace the touchpad, and the left mouse  Clevo owners, do you have the Synaptics Settings/icon. Clevo WER THX Audio Driver for Windows 8, Clevo Clevo WER Synaptics Pointing Device Driver for Windows 8. + synaptics touchpad is surprisingly decent, buttons don't suck Re: the bore techfeggit's klub: a review of the sager np/clevo wer.


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Clevo W110ER Synaptics Pointing Driver

The middle of the deck is slightly recessed and has a soft-touch rubberized panel. Display The WER's At lux, the x p display is slightly brighter than the Monster's lux display, but it wasn't enough to match the lux category average. Clevo W110ER Synaptics Pointing

However, we noticed severe pixelation during the night scenes as Spider-Man vaulted over the police. Viewing angles were limited to a shallow 45 degrees, instantly washing out if we weren't directly in front of the Clevo W110ER Synaptics Pointing. Still we had a pretty good time cleaning up the mean streets of Gotham and kicking some tail in "Batman: When we listened to Wale's "Lotus Flower Bomb," there was a noticeable amount of hollowness as the organ played.

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Clevo W110ER Synaptics Pointing As we played "Batman: Arkham City," the audio was slightly more robust, delivering crisp clear dialogue against swelling music. As we engaged the streets of Arkham City, we heard a thrilling rush of air as we dive-bombed into a group of unsuspecting enemies couple with satisfying thuds and cracks and moans as we quickly dispatched them.


Keyboard and Touchpad While we realize that the majority of PC gamers rely on a mouse and a few trusted hotkeys to fight the legions of Clevo W110ER Synaptics Pointing, we still found the WER's island-style keyboard keys were too small. The direction keys, Right Shift and Right Ctrl were especially undersized. However, the keys were generously spaced and delivered good firm feedback.

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Gestures such as pinch-to-zoom, two-finger rotation and three-finger press and flick were nice and accurate with no signs of latency. The discrete mouse buttons offered solid feedback with an audible, satisfying click. After 15 minutes of streaming a full-screen Clevo W110ER Synaptics Pointing video, the touchpad measured 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

That's two degrees higher than our degree threshold for comfort. The bottom of the notebook registered 96 degrees while the right side vent, the hottest Clevo W110ER Synaptics Pointing on the laptop, measured degrees.

The space between the G and H keys measured a cool 87 degrees. Arkham City" for 15 minutes, those same areas measured, The right side vent was a scorching degrees. Using the notebook in our laps for more than an hour playing games left us uncomfortably warm. Ports A USB Clevo W110ER Synaptics Pointing. You can find two USB 3.

A 9-in-1 card reader resides along the front lip of the notebook. Webcam We were disappointed by the level of graininess from the WER's 1.


However, we have to criticize the case's stability a bit. This is also true, with minor exceptions, for the display.

While there is still room for improvement, the display is quite acceptable for everyday use. However, the material costs in those units are also partly responsible for driving their prices to dizzying heights. Unfortunately, Clevo only has two up-to-date ports.

The third is limited to USB 2. We will also look at their quality later. Other equipment include a Kensington lock, an analog audio socket 3.

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