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Echo Digital Audio Corporation Gina 3G Driver

Layla3g, Gina3g Layla24, Layla Laptop, Gina24, Mia, Mia Midi All Rights Reserved. Echo® is a registered trademark of Echo Digital Audio Corporation. Gina3G from Echo Digital Audio is a third generation, computer based PCI multi-track digital recorder. The system is perfect for the budget-minded musician who  Missing: Corporation. Find great deals for Echo Digital Audio Gina PCI (GINA24) Sound Card. Shop with confidence on eBay!Missing: Corporation.


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Echo Digital Audio Corporation Gina 3G Driver

Not to mention, running two 32" monitors to watch it in all its glory. Like many, I grew tired of upgrading all the time, only to find my software or hardware did not run on the new OS.

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Lastly, why fix what isn't broken? Window seems to Echo Digital Audio Corporation Gina 3G almost any audio software made that I would ever need. Also, Reaper doesn't seem to run as good on my XP machines or my windows 7 laptop, and I did not even bother to test it out on my Vista turd. I hope this helps someone, Happy music production Last edited by kjwmusic; at Compared to the L, the AES sounded cleaner, with improved solidity, tighter focus, reduced temporal smearing, and a more engaging sense of drive.


Perhaps I might have had a more enthusiastic reaction to the Lynx cards had I auditioned them earlier, but after hearing the extraordinary ESI Juliit became abundantly clear just how much of the music the Lynx cards were missing. Over the course of this survey, I often found myself frustrated with the trade-offs between the various contenders.

Fortunately, the remarkable performance of the inexpensive ESI Juli card completely changed the game. Not only did its single-ended RCA analog Echo Digital Audio Corporation Gina 3G trump those of the other products reviewed, but its digital output established a new reference standard. Thus, the Juli merits an unqualified recommendation, in both relative value and absolute performance.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who appreciates the ESI Juli 's virtues; several high-end manufactures are already using modified Juli cards inside their computer music products.

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It only seems fitting to close this survey by shamelessly lifting the concluding lines from AGB's amplifier review that I mentioned at the outset: In fact it does more. For a mere electronic device, it luminescently renders the truth of the music. The machine is utterly representative of a stock generic PC, other than having been fitted with a quieter power supply and fan-speed regulators to reduce Echo Digital Audio Corporation Gina 3G noise.

Thus, the conclusions drawn from these tests can confidently be expected to represent what anyone can achieve with minimal effort. For consistency over the course of this project, I have continued to use the Windows XP operating system. I encountered no problems installing any of the cards or their software drivers, even Echo Digital Audio Corporation Gina 3G two or three cards installed simultaneously.

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All of the cards can utilize the professional standard ASIO protocol that bypasses the Windows audio subsystem, thereby insuring bit-perfect signal transfer and playback of music files at their native sample Echo Digital Audio Corporation Gina 3G. I set ASIO latency to samples in each card's on-screen control panel, which allowed playback of all supported sample rates without drop-outs or audible glitches.

I used the program Foobar for playback and library management. Mac Pro users are advised to choose a music player that circumvents the limitations of Apple's CoreAudio architecture, such as Decibel, Pure Music, or Amarra.

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Due to limited physical space, most sound cards use non-standard connectors for analog and digital inputs and outputs, such as multi-pin DSUB or DIN jacks. In such cases, the cards are usually supplied with either short breakout cables fitted with RCA or XLR jacks, or cables of modest-length typically 6 feet that can Echo Digital Audio Corporation Gina 3G attached directly to nearby audio components.

Substitution of higher-quality after-market cables offers the potential of further improving performance, as with any critical analog or digital source component.

Mine has phantom power on the multi ins which is pretty standard for an interface. Does your not have this?

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The only interfaces I see with PP on all channels are rather costly. So, if you've ever wondered why the sound coming out of your expensive or even inexpensive powered speakers is tinny, noisy and of brutally lower fidelity than the same tracks heard through the headset of your portable player, Echo Digital Audio Corporation Gina 3G answer is simple: You're processing your music through a six-buck pre-amp.

And if you think the output quality of those systems is bad, just try recording through them. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as one, two, three.

Open your computer case. Mount a quality sound card into any available PCI slot.


Close the computer case.

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