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HERCULES 3D Prophet 8500 LE 128MB Driver

It has twice the memory and a higher clock speed than the Prophet FDX LE and yet carries an eerily similar low price point of $ Product Description. Superior 3D architecture powered by ATI's new generation RADEON™ LE GPU. Extremely fast chipset and RAM: MB DDR RAM to. Hercules 3D Prophet FDX LE graphics card - Radeon LE - MB overview and full product specs on CNET.


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HERCULES 3D Prophet 8500 LE 128MB Driver

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How does the 3D Prophet MB compare with a slew of other graphics cards? Are blue PCBs really faster?

The card Hercules has dressed this card up in blue for those of you who care what your PC's internals look like. Although red is technically a faster color, at least in terms of its wavelength, the 3D Prophet MB's cool blue hues may give it an edge in the summer heat.

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Redundant sampling can cause image artifacts that are quite noticeable along edges, due to the repetitive nature of the sample colors. Using jittered sampling patterns enables highly realistic anti-aliased edges.

The Radeon also features second generation technology originally introduced with the original Radeon. These features should be at least familiar to you by now, but full definitions of each feature can be found here for quick reference. Driver version beta for WinXP. Default mode at xx32 was used. You will see the scores bunch up much more tightly here.


Here are two pleasant surprises. The first being that the Ti apparently suffers no performance hit at all with AA enabled, and the second being that the Radeon experiences only a very small decrease in speed at x, although it doesn't fair as well with AA enabled.

Hercules' 3D Prophet MB graphics card - The Tech Report - Page 1

Here we see the added memory bandwidth of the card coming in to play. Although the Radeon 's scores aren't quite on par with the Ti, this is a marked improvement from the older Radeon driver set, where it was scoring about half of what it did in x Similar increases in speed from the old driver set to what Comanche 4 experienced; although I noticed a strange graphical effect in the game this time around.

The 'wave' effect on the water seemed to expand beyond the water and become applied to some ground textures. It was very odd. I'm not really sure.


Even if the software bundle is kind of small the Drivers and Utilities disc and a copy of Power DVDit gives you at least what is needed. The card also does the dual-monitor output with ATi's Hydravision software. Even more impressive as far as output is concerned, alongside the launch of the Catalyst drivers ATi has released an adapter that enables HDTV component video output from any Radeon based HERCULES 3D Prophet 8500 LE 128MB.

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