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MSI P600 Notebook Elantech Multi Touchpad Driver

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MSI P600 Notebook Elantech Multi Touchpad Driver

The design lines are standard for a ThinkPad laptop, with a completely black theme, little bling and just a few branding elements here and there. The power-button is still always lit and Lenovo put the MSI P600 Notebook Elantech Multi Touchpad LEDs beneath the screen, so you might find them a little distracting in certain conditions, when working in a dark room or trying to watch a movie. This laptop is also highly practical.

MSI P600 Notebook Elantech Multi Touchpad screen is hold in place by two sturdy hinges that allow it to lean-back all the way to degrees, and can be lifted and adjusted with a single hand without lifting the main-body off the desk. The P72 also sits firmly anchored on flat surfaces thanks to the grippy rubber feet on the underside, despite their small size.

There are no extra support feet in the middle of the laptop, but the sturdy chassis compensates for it. There are no speakers grills on the belly, as they are front-firing, hidden behind that plastic mesh at the top of the keyboard.

As a heads-up, the battery is encased and not easily removable like on the P52 or the older P No corners where cut in the IO department. Most connectors are placed on the back and right side though, which might lead to some clutter around your mouse area. You can prevent that by hooking the P72 to an external dock via one of the two Thunderbolt 3 PCIe x4 ports on the back, as the older ThinkPad Workstations docks with the physical connector are no longer compatible with the MSI P600 Notebook Elantech Multi Touchpad lineups.

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The experience might not be as smooth as expectedso you might want to further look into this matter before taking the plunge. Many have been complaining about this change, and for good reasons, given this is a full-size computer supposedly designed with productivity in mind. The well known 2-key rollover limitations is still a part of the mix.

The keys feel nice to the touch and are fairly ergonomic, with the softly finished concave keycaps, however, while I was able to type fast on this P72, my accuracy suffered. The touchpad is fairly spacious and made out of plastic, thus offers a bit more friction than some of the glass touchpads out there.


Lenovo advertises it as a nits panel, but our sensor only measured about nits in the middle, due to the fact that it tests brightness and contrast at the same time, by switching between a black and white image every few seconds. Some people on the forums also mention light-bleeding with their units, but you can ask to have the screen replaced under warranty and hopefully get a better one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SM P601 Tablet

However, there are two things you have to consider if you decide to go with one of the lower-end versions and plan to upgrade yourselves. First of all, there are four RAM slots on this laptop, two are accessible behind the service bay on the back, while the other two are placed beneath the keyboard.

Back to our review configuration, it should come to no surprise that it can handle everyday chores just fine, both when plugged in or while running on battery. This translates in CPU frequencies of around 3.

MSI touchpad not working after Windows 10 update - Microsoft Community

Next we undervolt the CPU. Our sample was stable at mV, which allowed it to settle at a similar 60W TDP and similar temperatures of about 80 degrees Celsius, but in this case with speeds of 3. It would be possible to undervolt this a bit more, MSI P600 Notebook Elantech Multi Touchpad the iH CPU is designed to work at a maximum of 3. All in all, our test unit performed rather unimpressive out of the box, but that was addressed with undervolting and we were able to squeeze pretty much the best you can possibly expect from the iH CPU in this kind of loads.

Those interested in benchmark results will find them in the next section. Home Conventional — ; PassMark: Pass 1 — We also ran some of them on the undervolted CPU profile, with the laptop still plugged in: More information can be found on AMD's web site.

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