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Parrot Jumping Night Drone Driver

Purchase a Jumping Night Drone (France only - available soon in your country!): Parrot Jumping Night Drone is a responsive drone with a strong personality that rolls, rushes, zigzags, circles and makes quick turns. It is a true explorer and can. The MiniDrone Jumping Night is an amazingly surprising and entertaining new terrestrial drone able to see in the dark while accelerating up to mph! You can.


Type: Driver
1394 (4.15)
Downloads: 1247
File Size: 18.4Mb
Supported systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP
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Parrot Jumping Night Drone Driver

Each of the two models is available in three different color options, and this year Parrot has given cutesy names to each: The box also includes a USB charging cable, a battery, and two additional rubber feet for the rear jumping bar.

When moving forward or backward, the drone can be steered by using Parrot Jumping Night Drone accelerometer, tilting your device left or right as you would a steering wheel. Additional controls allow you to take pictures, record video, and initiate jumps, as well as perform other stunts such as slaloms, shaking, spinning, and even spinning jumps.

Parrot Jumping Night Drone you're using the Jumping Race Drone indoors this won't likely be a problem, but even a small amount of outdoors testing saw some visible wear and tear on the tyres. They are a removable part, but compared to the hard rubber and plastic tyres of units such Parrot Jumping Night Drone Sphero's Ollie drones, they feel a little cheap. The Jumping Race Drone can capture both stills and video to its 4GB of internal memory, although the resolution that it does this at is still somewhat lacking.

In the age of the GoProit's a touch disappointing to step back into Parrot Jumping Night Drone world where video is captured at a paltry x VGA resolution. We guess it could be good if you wanted to recreate the world of in low-slung video form. It's slightly more fun to use the Jumping Race Drone to broadcast your voice, although you'll need a set of headphones with an inline microphone on your smartphone or table to take advantage of this feature.


Drone battery life is always a touchy subject, and here the Jumping Parrot Jumping Night Drone Drone's lack of weight means that it only carries a mAh battery. That's good for around twenty minutes of driving fun, at which point you've got to recharge it via the front mounted microUSB port.

Thank Parrot Jumping Night Drone for your vote Undo allen Verified Purchaser May 21st, The app to download for the control on your phone is already out dated. FreeFlight 3 is no longer available in the current Play Store! Trying to figure out which of their apps is going to work with it now.

Instructions need to be updated or info added in the box at least. I like things simple, plug and play, this is irritating! Hope its fun and worth the hassle when i get it straightened up.


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