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Logitech Mouse MX 900 Driver

Archived from groups: oth Hi,I recently bought the Logitech MX We've put everything you need to get started with your MX Performance right here. If you still have Bluetooth Smart connectivity and the MX Master mouse. MX Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle with Back Light: Compatible with PC and Mac; GHz wireless technology; programmable side scroll wheel;.


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Logitech Mouse MX 900 Driver

I use Eneloops and the Logitech charger works well with them. The mouse lights up a bright red diode on top when the batteries are low.


Second, there are no drivers to be found for use of the MX with a Mac. The MX has five buttons in addition to the left, right and scroll wheel ones, and you cannot use these in its Logitech Mouse MX 900 state. And you want to use those as they are incredibly handy.


Accordingly, I downloaded and installed SteerMouse which supports the MX and allows everything to be programmed. Cursor movement with the SteerMouse driver is exceptionally smooth.

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Here are my settings for the buttons: Here is the button identification: Button 4 is the rear side button. Button 5 is the front side button Button 6 is the rearmost top button Button 7 is the foremost top button, ahead of the scroll wheel Button 8 is the top button just behind the scroll wheel — this opens a Finder window The ability to program a button — Button 8 — to open the Finder is tremendous. Apple has never allowed this in its System Preferences and the key stroke sequence Logitech Mouse MX 900 have Logitech Mouse MX 900 is the one which opens a new Finder window under Spotlight.

Third, as with the Razer, there is no sideways tilt permitted with the scroll wheel, so if button operated horizontal scrolling is a requirement, this is not the mouse for you.


Also, as with the Razer, the scroll wheel click and the screen display jumps in small vertical increments rather than moving smoothly. This is the sole advantage I think an Apple mouse has over anything else, the Apple product being distinguished by stepless, smooth vertical scrolling. You can download the MX manual by clicking below: That means you Logitech Mouse MX 900 have to find a used one.

The replacement, the MX, is also discontinued. It was Bluetooth also, but used a custom flat battery, harder to replace when it eventually fails. Unlike its predecessors, the MX eschews Bluetooth in favor of 2.

The design requires a small dongle to be inserted in an USB socket on your computer and has the advantage that the mouse is recognized immediately, unlike the waiting involved with Bluetooth devices. I eventually Logitech Mouse MX 900 up on that otherwise fine mouse as it suffered from random cursor jerkiness which I simply could not cure, even after trying a variety of drivers.

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I rather suspect the cause is radio interference as the 2. Hopefully my long search for the right mouse is now at an end. That will bring it back to the point that it was when you executed the above command.

You should see Logitech Mouse MX 900 like this: Using my MX, I found the configuration below to work best - let's assume for now that this will work for you too The line you need to put into the file is: The chmod command makes sure that the file can be executed upon startup. Some people have said that when they start their session their buttons are all weird, and they need to manually execute the xmodmap command - I can't see a reason for Logitech Mouse MX 900, but if it does happen then you can either do it manually each time, or find a different place to insert it as a startup command

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