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Asus Eee PC B202 Intel Chipset Driver

Genuine Windows® XP Home GNU Linux. CPU. Intel Atom N Memory. 1GB. Chipset. Intel chipset. Graphics. On Board. LAN. 10// Mbps. Wireless. What these numbers suggest is that the GSE Express chipset used in the Eee Box is considerably more efficient than the GC of the Intel. Free download, review of Asus Eee PC B Intel Chipset Driver (ASUSTeK Computer Inc.). Do not forget to check with our site as often as.


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Asus Eee PC B202 Intel Chipset Driver

Some bits of our highest resolution video played back smoothly, but any major changes in the image resulted in fits of lag lasting at least a couple of seconds, rendering the video as a whole largely unwatchable.


Because of this difficulty and the infrequent but noticeable stutters during p playback, I can't recommend using the Eee Box for watching high-definition content. YouTube and other video rendered at or below standard definition runs perfectly fine, but the Atom and GM can't handle much more. This reality leads to a disappointment.

Something like the Eee Box could potentially be an ideal multimedia machine, but Intel's decision to tie the Atom to the chipset is a real hindrance. Atom system builders Asus Eee PC B202 Intel Chipset be forced to rely on Intel for the platform's graphics component, which makes it hard to blame Asus alone for the Eee Box's high-definition playback shortcomings.

Users have limited access to CPU clock speeds along with the core speed of the GMAbut the options given are very abstract with the former and underwhelming with the latter. There doesn't seem to be much additional performance to be wrung from this little machine.


This kind of tweaking probably won't do a whole lot for the Eee Box, though. Supporting the processor is what may be the weak link Asus Eee PC B202 Intel Chipset Intel's existing Atom strategy: The chipset also brings unncessary power consumption. If you take a look at the Mini-ITX board Intel designed for the Atom, the heatsink configuration seems superficially normal: But it's actually the other way around: It seems counterintuitive that an x86 processor can sip power and run happily with the most minimal of cooling while the less complex chipset behind it is producing the lion's share of heat and drawing the majority of the power going into the machine.

One wonders how much smaller still Asus might have been able to make the Eee Box if Intel had turned its engineering genius on the chipset supporting the Atom. So what else is in the box?

EeeBox PC B Mini PCs ASUS Canada

Curiously, despite the presence of a pair of MB DIMMs in the unit, a visit to Everest notes that the memory is running on a single channel. The memory controller itself is dual-channel-capable. Asus says retail units will have a single DIMM installed and a slot free, but realistically, 1GB of single-channel memory is plenty for this type of computer. Asus Eee PC B202 Intel Chipset also mentioned that users should be able to upgrade the memory by popping off one of the unit's side panels with a putty knife, and that won't void the device's warranty.

EeeBox PC B Mini PCs ASUS Global

Asus won't service the replacement parts, though. The front shield, the front shield pulled back, and the rear of the unit.


On the front of the unit in the image above, you can see the hard disk light, power button, flash reader, two USB 2. The ports are hidden behind a hinge-mounted shield that tastefully accentuates the Eee Box's credentials as a basic computing appliance.

The rear of the Eee Box is outfitted with a wireless antenna connected to a Ralink Remove the two retaining screws, pull the clip out, and the hard disk tray is visible. This is a great compromise:

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