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Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV Driver

Right now. See all available Philips Flat Panel TV pdf manuals at LCD HDTV MONITOR FLAT TV CRYSTAL CLEAR III 26PF LCD TVs - Philips 46PFL (SKU=46PFL/F7): Описание, Характеристики (99), Video (20). DB Tech Digital to Analog Audio Converter for all Philips 46PFL/F7, 55PFL/F7 3D Full HD LED LCD HDTV Large Screen TV To Enable You to.


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Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV Driver


If you definitely have no audio and you do have backlights, then the problem could either be the t-con board or the main board. You will need to replace each board individually to see which one fixes the problem.

Model #46PFL3706/F7-VM1 Philips lcd television

If you do not have backlights, you will Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV to turn all of the lights off in the room and get a flashlight. Apply power to your TV and press the menu button on your remote to pull up the menu on the screen.

You will not be able to see the menu until you shine a flashlight on the screen. You may need to twist the flashlight and try different angles to be able to see the menu. As you can see on our screen, the menu shows up Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV you can even read the AV1 on the screen.

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This shows that the TV has no backlights, but the image is showing up on the screen, thus our inverter and LED driver is bad and our T-con and main board are good. You can see on our screen that I can turn the menu on and off and the image appears and then disappears.

Philips 46PFL3706/F7 User Manual Firmware Upgrade Readme File 46pfl3706 F7 Fur Aen

At this point you will want to replace the inverter or LED driver or the power supply if it has the Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV or LED driver on it. So as a brief overview, if your TV does have backlights and has audio, I recommend replacing the t-con board first.

If your TV does have backlights but does not have audio, then it is either a bad t-con board or main board, and each board will need to be replaced individually to see which one fixes the problem. If you don't have backlights, but you see an image on the screen with the flashlight, that means that your main board and t-con board are good and that you will need to Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV the backlight inverter or backlight inverters on your LCD TV and the LED Driver on your LED TV.

In this video we are going to Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV some basic troubleshooting methods for a Samsung LCD TV that does not power on and does not have any standby light.

Philips 46PFLF7 User Manual 3 pages

We have the main board, the power supply board, the backlight inverter. The backlight inverter can sometimes be covered by a plastic or metal shield. We also have the t-con board. The t-con board can also sometimes be covered Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV a shield. Click the Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV in the video for more information on the basic functions of these boards. If you cannot power on your TV, the first thing you will want to check, is that you have the TV plugged into an outlet that is working.

Philips 46PFL3706 46PFL3706/F7 Manuel D’Utilisation

After making sure that the outlet is working, you will want to check and see that your TV has a standby light. The Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV light will be blinking or illuminated on the front of the TV. If you do not see a light in the front, then you do not have standby.

If your TV will not power on and you do not have standby, then you most likely have a problem with the power supply board. Here we have a close up of the power supply.

You can look over the board and do a visual inspection looking for any raised or puffy capacitors, or any burnt or damaged components. Here are some examples of what a puffy capacitor or burnt and damaged component will look like. If you have any damaged components that look this way, you should Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV the board. If there is not a replacement board available, you can also try replacing the individual components or purchasing a repair kit.

Removing and installing new components requires the ability to be able to solder. When looking for damaged components or burn marks, you can also look at the bottom side of the board.


You would simply need to disconnect all of the cables and then remove the screws that hold the board to the panel. Be sure when disconnecting cables and removing screws, that Philips 46PFL3706/F7 LCD TV take a picture of what the board looks like in the original state with all of the cables connected, and then you will have a reference for when you reconnect all of the cables.

If all of the components look good, then you will want to check the fuse on the power supply board to see if it is blown.

Here are some images of what a blown fuse can look like. Some TVs have glass fuses and some ceramic fuses. The glass fuses can show visual damage when they are blown.


The ceramic fuse does not and would need to be tested with a meter. If the fuse is blown, replace your fuse and then plug the TV back in.

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