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Alesis iO|14 & iO|26 Driver

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Alesis iO|14 & iO|26 Driver

: Alesis IO Musical Instruments

Dock smarten In use, your iPad simply slides into place and mates with the Alesis via its pin dock connector. Power comes from Alesis iO 14 & iO 26 mains adaptor, so the iO Dock charges your iPad as you work and there's a useful locking clamp to make sure the power cable doesn't come loose. Trying out the iO Dock with GarageBand, we had no problem playing the keyboard instruments from an external keyboard or getting audio from a plugged-in microphone and guitar into the iPad where it can take care of the conversion Alesis iO 14 & iO 26 digital.

If desired, a useful direct monitoring switch can let you hear your analogue input signal alongside the iPad's output when recording.

Alesis iO 14 & iO 26 says that the iO Dock is built to accommodate all current app-development standards including Core MIDI and, overall, we found that it works superbly with a range of apps. Be aware, though, that some apps are not compatible with the iO Dock - IK Multimedia's Amplitube for instance, at the time of writing, doesn't 'see' the iO Dock and will only accept an input through devices like its own iRig, plugged into the iPad's headphone.

Connect the iO Dock to a pair of powered monitors, start GarageBand up and you'll have a brilliantly compact desktop studio.

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Problems setting up the Alesis iO 26 in Windows 7 x64

With the iO 26, we had no interest in being in a hurry, since Alesis iO 14 & iO 26 was not until over a year between the announcement of its "next" release and his arrival in our country. Everything else was a bonus, and what bonus: All this in just over euros for a firewire sound card, while the competition is much more expensive if we want equal opportunities.


My Alesis iO 14 & iO 26 set is still rudimentary, but correct: Obviously I intend to buy at least one SM 57 and one or two preamps and that goes with it, when I have some savings. August 31, EDIT: Installation is a snap.


From that side, 10 out of This is where it gets tough. When I was considering last year already bought the iO 26, I visited the site and downloaded the Alesis manual, already available. Everywhere, said calmly that the iO 26 would work with Panther Even when the product page has changed, now to require Tiger So what was my bad surprise at the interface once connected, I heard crackling, clicks and pops with a vengeance, whatever my latency settings! Alesis iO 14 & iO 26

I was still Alesis iO 14 & iO 26 to record a small "test" more or less audible, and even one or two tracks with no crackling. I spent nearly two months to actively participate in various user forums, especially Anglo-Saxon. Finally, one of the developers it is also placed Alesis and for some time, it Alesis iO 14 & iO 26 to recognize that the problems are more serious than a few clicks certain innocence on a MacBook, so Intel and Tiger OS intend using Safari or iTunes at the same time.

In short, the interface is clearly not compatible with all hardware and software configurations. In short, I ended Alesis iO 14 & iO 26 migrating to Tiger, too. The configuration is relatively easy, provided that the interface is working properly, of course! As for the manual, it is generally very clear, especially for Windows, it is a little less explanatory for Mac.

So 8 out of This gives us an average of 7, in the snatch. EDIT August 31, Last updated drivers for Mac end January seems to have been correct. Since then, more concern, at least on Tracktion 3set latencies ranging between and samples ie, between 2.

User reviews: Alesis iO 26 - Audiofanzine

The most surprising is that the previous update end March 07 seemed to have solved my problems clicks. Unfortunately I made the following update in order to control the headphone volume independent of overall volume. It works for the volumes, but the clicks are back.

I do not lose hope, because I really feel - I hope it will be justified - that the problems will soon be settled, at the rate follow the updates.

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