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XGI Volari V3 Graphics Driver

Please visit the site for XGI Volari V3 WHQL Driver: Today we have a long look back 15 years to a time when AMD/ATI and Nvidia were not the only GPU makers. [ AGP 4x: XGI Volari V3/XP5 ] Graphics Processor Properties: Video Adapter XGI Volari V3/XP5 BIOS Version AX


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XGI Volari V3 Graphics Driver

No additional power connectors are required, and it will not take up much space in your case, which makes XGI Volari V3 Graphics refreshing change from the current high-end models that absorb two full PCI slots with their bulky cooling systems.

One of the first things we noticed about the card was how quiet the cooling solution was. This is one card that would not be out of place in a low-noise PC.


The memory and heatsink stayed fairly cool during benchmarking too. Both GPUs work in a parallel nature, that is, one doesn't have to wait for the other to finish XGI Volari V3 Graphics. Therefore two command queues must be kept for each chip, and each GPU is fed by an bit memory controller and has its own frame buffer.

Dual GPUs make sense if implemented correctly; the problem has always been one of efficiency. It's intrinsically difficult to attain the same kind of efficiency from a 2-chip design as opposed to the traditional single-chip architecture.


The relative size of the AGP slot gives you some idea of the card's overall size. Fitting 2 GPUs on to a single card is a space-consuming affair.

Conexant's VIVO chip makes this more than just a brute, top-end card. Indeed, XGI is keen to point out that it's not all out balls-out power. Nothing unusual to see here.

XGI Volari V3 review

Back around to the front of the Volari Duo. XGI Volari V3 Graphics nod towards the SiS heritage. The close cramming of all power components means that no PCB space is wasted. It's a big card, sure, but that's just a side-effect of situating two GPUs on to a single card.

Review: XGI Volari Duo V8 Ultra MB - Graphics -

We had no problems in running the test card with a w Samcheer PSU. According to news reports at the time, XGI intended to keep its former SiS and Trident employees working in separate teams on their individual graphics specialties, and then merge the research at a later date. This may go a long way in XGI Volari V3 Graphics how XGI technology has managed to offer such a comprehensive array of desktop and mobile GPU's in such a short period XGI Volari V3 Graphics time.

However, XGI later revealed that their product would not be christened the 'Xabre 2' or anything similar, owing to the fact that 'Xabre' was a trademark of SiS Corporation.

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